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PJRC Teensy 4.0 and All Generations USB Development Board

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Teensy 4.0 is the latest Teensy, offering the fastest microcontroller and powerful peripherals in the Teensy 1.4 by 0.7 inch form factor. It features an ARM Cortex-M7 processor at 600MHz, with a iMXRT1062 chip, the fastest microcontroller available today. Teensy 4.0 is the same size and shape as Teensy 3.2, and retains compatibility with most of the pin functions on Teensy 3.2.

When running at 600 MHz, Teensy 4.0 consumes approximately 100mA current. Teensy 4.0 provides support for dynamic clock scaling. Unlike traditional microcontrollers, where changing the clock speed causes wrong baud rates and other issues, Teensy 4.0 hardware and Teensyduino’s software support for timing functions are designed to allow dynamically speed changes. Serial baud rates, audio streaming sample rates, and functions like delay() and millis(), and Teensyduino’s extensions like IntervalTimer and elapsedMillis, continue to work properly while the CPU changes speed. Teensy 4.0 also provides a power shut off feature. By connecting a pushbutton to the On/Off pin, the 3.3V power supply can be completely disabled by holding the button for 5 seconds, and turned back on by a brief button press. If a coin cell is connected to VBAT, Teensy 4.0’s RTC also continues to keep track of date & time while the power is off. Teensy 4.0 also can also be overclocked, well beyond 600MHz!

The ARM Cortex-M7 brings many powerful CPU features to a true real-time microcontroller platform. Cortex-M7 is a dual-issue superscaler processor, meaning the M7 can execute two instructions per clock cycle, at 600MHz! Of course, executing two simultaneously depends upon the compiler ordering instructions and registers. Initial benchmarks have shown C++ code compiled by tends to achieve two instructions about 40% to 50% of the time while performing numerically intensive work using integers and pointers. Cortex-M7 is the first ARM microcontroller to use branch prediction. On M4, loops and other code which much branch take three clock cycles. With M7, after a loop has executed a few times, the branch prediction removes that overhead, allowing the branch instruction to run in only a single clock cycle.

Tightly Coupled Memory is a special feature which allows Cortex-M7 fast single cycle access to memory using a pair of 64 bit wide buses. The ITCM bus provides a 64 bit path to fetch instructions. The DTCM bus is actually a pair of 32 bit paths, allowing M7 to perform up to two separate memory accesses in the same cycle. These extremely high speed buses are separate from M7’s main AXI bus, which accesses other memory and peripherals. 512K of memory can be accessed as tightly coupled memory. Teensyduino automatically allocates your sketch code into ITCM and all non-malloc memory use to the fast DTCM, unless you add extra keywords to override the optimized default. Memory not accessed on the tightly coupled buses is optimized for DMA access by peripherals. Because the bulk of M7’s memory access is done on the two tightly coupled buses, powerful DMA-based peripherals have excellent access to the non-TCM memory for highly efficient I/O.

Teensy 4.0’s Cortex-M7 processor includes a floating point unit (FPU) which supports both 64 bit “double” and 32 bit “float”. With M4’s FPU on Teensy 3.5 & 3.6, and also Atmel SAMD51 chips, only 32 bit float is hardware accelerated. Any use of double, double functions like log(), sin(), cos() means slow software implemented math. Teensy 4.0 executes all of these with FPU hardware.

ARM Cortex-M7 at 600MHz
1024K RAM (512K is tightly coupled)
2048K Flash (64K reserved for recovery & EEPROM emulation)
2 USB ports, both 480MBit/sec
3 CAN Bus (1 with CAN FD)
2 I2S Digital Audio
1 S/PDIF Digital Audio
1 SDIO (4 bit) native
3 SPI, all with 16 word FIFO
3 I2C, all with 4 byte FIFO
7 Serial, all with 4 byte FIFO
32 general purpose DMA channels
31 PWM pins
40 digital pins, all interrrupt capable
14 analog pins, 2 ADCs on chip
Cryptographic Acceleration
Random Number Generator
RTC for date/time
Programmable FlexIO
Pixel Processing Pipeline
Peripheral cross triggering
Power On/Off management

Description: Teensy is a breadboard-friendly development board with multiple features, including one and a dozen packages. Each Teensy 3.5 pre-flash has a bootloader so you can program it with an onboard USB connection: no external programmers! You can use C programming Teensy in your favorite program editor, or you can install the Teensyduino plugin for the IDE and write sketches for it!

The processor on Teensy also has access to USB and can emulate any type of USB device you need, making it ideal for USB-MIDI and other HID projects. The 32-bit, 120MHz processor also provides some additional features for the table, such as multi-channel direct memory access, several high-resolution ADCs and even I2S digital audio interfaces! There are also four separate interval timers plus a delay timer! Oh, yes, all digital pins have interrupt capability and have a 5V tolerance.

All of these features are stuck on a 62.3mm x 18.0mm board, all heads are in a 0.1″ grid, so you can put it on the breadboard! Teensy 3.5 (and its , Teensy 3.6 ) is an upgraded ARM Cortex MCU (120MHz from 72MHz), more memory (512K from 256K), and more RAM, EEPROM and accessible pins make up a bigger, faster, more The project, the main new feature of this “youth” board. The Teensy 3.5 is slightly smaller from Teensy 3.6, but is relatively cheaper.

Note: This does not come with a USB cable; check below for a suitable one.
Dimensions: 62.3mm x 18.0mm x 4.2mm (2.5″ x 0.7″ x 0.2″


120MHz ARM Cortex-M4 floating point unit
512K flash, 192K RAM, 4K EEPROM
Microcontroller chip MK64FX512VMD12
1 CAN bus port
16 general purpose DMA channel
5V tolerance for all digital I/O pins
62 I / O pins (42 breadboard friendly)
25 analog inputs to 2 ADCs with 13-bit resolution
2 analog output (DAC) with 12-bit resolution
20 PWM outputs (Teesy 3.6 has 22 PWMs)
USB full speed (12Mbit / sec) port
Ethernet , able to fully 100Mbit / sec
Native (4-bit SDIO) micro card port
I2S audio port, 4-channel digital audio input and output
14 hardware timer
Cryptographic acceleration unit
Random number generator
CRC calculation unit
6 serial ports (2 FIFOs and fast baud rate)
3 SPI ports (1 FIFO)
3 I2C ports
Real Time Clock

Actual size is 1.4 by 0.7 inch

TheTeensy USB Development BoardIs a complete USB-based microcontoller development system.

32-bit teensy USB development board, built-in USB compatible protocol, can be a key to burn

Version 3.2 features a 32 bit ARM processor.

3.2 version of the 32-bit ARM core high-speed chip

Teensy 3.2 is a direct, 100% compatible copy for Teensy 3.1. It is fully compatible with all shields and add-on boards made for Teensy 3.1, including the Audio Board and OctoWS2811 Adapter.

Fully compatible with all the features of 3.1, including audio boards andOctoWS2811adapter;

All Teensy boards are installed assembled and fully tested.

100% rigorous testing to ensure shipment!

PJRC Teensy 4.0 and All Generations USB Development BoardPJRC Teensy 4.0 and All Generations USB Development BoardPJRC Teensy 4.0 and All Generations USB Development Board

Personal message:

Want to learn ARDUNIO friends, this TEENSY is a beautiful small and powerful development board, he achieved a separate USB a key burn, routines have their own, IDE development with a TEENSY official expansion library, is More convenient, do engineering or experiment and the development of friends, but also very suitable for purchase! After all, the frequency is faster, the chip is inherited 3.1 using 32-bit arm core chip, the function is very powerful!

Official address: Https://

Details can query, if necessary, can also consult the owner!

Specification: PJRC Teensy 4.0 and All Generations USB Development Board

Brand Name

Fly thinking Dili Asia



6 Months Warranty

This item is covered with a supplier warranty of 6 months from the time of delivery against manufacturing defects only. This is a quality product from the original manufacturer. Only manufacturing defects are covered under this warranty. Reimbursement or replacement will be done against manufacturing defects.

What voids the warranty:

If the product is subject to misuse, tampering, static discharge, accident, water or fire damage, use of chemicals & soldered or altered in any way.

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  1. K***C

    Fast delivery. Thanks.

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  2. S***s

    I bought the Teensy 4.0 and 4.1 and they are just awesome parts! I tested both of them and they work great. Even when not overclocked, running at 600Mhz they easily beat the fastest Arduino DUE card that I have. Yes, they are pricey, but the the cost has to follow the performance.

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  3. S***v

    Alles OK.

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  4. J***r

    Excellent product, nice store

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  5. H***h

    Teensy 4.0 board well received

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  6. Customer

    12 days shipping, well packed, not tested yet

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  7. A***z

    Awesome microcontroller.

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    PJRC Teensy 4.0 and All Generations USB Development Board
    PJRC Teensy 4.0 and All Generations USB Development Board


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