EMG sensor compatible with myoWare / SparkFun

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1. Hardware

EMG Snesor,The defaultCompatibleArduino UNO(Other boards can also be adapted),Shipping freeArduino UNOPlate

The following is a physical map,Pin-compatibleArduino UNOPlate,Each board can be used in superposition,Supports six overlays at most,Composition6ChannelEMG Sensor,LEDx6Quantitative display,da xuan niu adjustable gain, etc

EMG sensor compatible with myoWare / SparkFun

Veneer physical map

EMG sensor compatible with myoWare / SparkFun

Two superimposed onUNOThe physical map

EMG sensor compatible with myoWare / SparkFun

LEDx6Real-time quantitative display of activity intensity da xuan niu gain adjustment

2. Software

Observe the real-time softwarePC Computer version(Open source)And Android Mobile phone version of For use,As shown in the figure below:

EMG sensor compatible with myoWare / SparkFun

3. Signal output interface

Can output the amplified original signalRAWAnd digitizes the postambleENV

EMG sensor compatible with myoWare / SparkFun

4. Application

Mechanical arm,Five board superposition,Do the palm of the hand/Five Finger control。。。

EMG sensor compatible with myoWare / SparkFun

1. Acquisition BoardX1(FreeArduino UNOPlate)

2. The electrode sheetX6

3. The electrode lead-wire(3In general the clip)X1

4. suction ball electrodesX3 (Note:Suction ball electrodes do not need to paste to the skin,Can be directly vacuum adsorbed on the skin,To facilitate the follow-up and test applications,MayNRepeated use,There is no limit,Than the electrode sheet convenient too much[The electrode piece cannot be moved after being pasted,The pain is unbearable when tearing,Can’t be used repetitively])

EMG sensor compatible with myoWare / SparkFun

5. 3.5mmHeadset four male-to-male lead-wireX1 (Note:Used to connect the collection Board and the mobile phone,You can observe the actual situation in real time on the mobile phoneEMGThe original waveform)

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